Buena Vida Resort & Spa Malapascua


Guest Info

Information which can be very helpful, before your departure and during your stay.

We like to provide as much useful information about the Philippines, and especially Malapascua Island, as possible. Here you will find a lot of info on how to get here, what you should bring, best travel time and much more.

About Us


Our vision is to create a healthy oasis on the beautiful island of Malapascua, with a passion for excellence and the common goal to place the needs of our guests at the center of everything we do.

Why stay with us


A different concept on Malapascua Island.

Buena Vida opened in December, 2014 with a brand-new concept to the island, where a relaxed holiday will come together with the beautiful ambience of a spa. The modern and well-designed rooms, in addition to the open and comfortable wooden living terraces, we are able to give your island stay that special something. Whether you travel alone, with your partner on a romantic getaway, or you are enjoying a family holiday with your children, we are sure you will be happy to stay with us.


Vida Spa

Buena Vida is the most spacious and professional run spa on Malapascua Island.
All our therapists are well trained from international teachers. We have a wide range of natural beauty products produced by us, and products from Bio Thai. All items we use in the spa are organic and available for purchase so that you can continue the tropical spa experience in your home. We are sure you will enjoy and soak in the harmonic setting of our spa area and our peaceful vibes to find tranquility for your body and soul.


Tropical Garden

Our resort is located in a beautiful tropical garden. The high diversity of our plants and our own style creates stunning surrounding scenery. This is a perfect hideaway to escape from your everyday life at home, completely forget about your usually daily tasks, and immerse yourself in the relaxed pace of tropical island life.