Buena Vida Resort & Spa Malapascua


Our Rooms

At Buena Vida, we make sure that all our rooms provide you with a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. The style and furniture is chosen for a modern contemporary design, which will not only make you comfortable, but also blend in with the surroundings and fit everybody´s needs. Our rooms are all equipped with air-condition, fan, mini bar, safety box, and fresh towels. Tea, coffee and a bottle of water are complimentary. On top of this, we provide the guests with our homemade, all natural, mosquito repellent.

Every room has a spacious and private bathroom with hot and cold shower. Daily housekeeping and exchanging of towels, on your request, is our standard. All rooms have a beautiful view of the colorful, tropical gardens of Buena Vida.

Garden rooms

The eight garden rooms are located in a nice two story building, with a spacious and private wooden terrace. The rooms have a maximum capacity of two adults

Family rooms

The family huts are located opposite the garden rooms and have the same room size. The difference is an additional smaller room, which can be used for extra guests. The maximum capacities of the family rooms are three adults or two adults with up to two children. The private wooden terrace is even bigger than in our garden rooms, which gives everybody enough space to sit and relax outside.